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  • Van Moer Group presents new investment in port of Ghent

    On Wednesday, September 30, the logistical service provider Van Moer Group gave the official go-ahead for its investment in port of Ghent. Ghent Port Company is elated that this logistics company sets foot ashore for the first time in Ghent port.

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  • DSV Solutions expands existing establishment in port of Ghent by 21,000 m² of logistical space

    In June 2013, Montea acquired a newly built logistical platform of 23,400 m² that is rented out to DSV Solutions. At DSV Solutions’ request, Montea will expand this storage space by 21,000 m². The necessary permits have been obtained in the meantime and the completion of this expansion is planned in the second quarter of 2016.

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  • Ghent Port Company and Zeeland Seaports travel together to Baltic States to promote the region

    The Belgian Ghent Port Company and the Dutch Zeeland Seaports have been jointly promoting the assets of the powerful economic region between Flushing and Ghent for some time already. From Monday 24, up to and including Friday 28 August both port companies and some twenty businesses and organizations from their ports will be traveling to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for the promotion of the ports there. More specifically the sectors of liquid and dry bulk, biochemicals and biomass, fertilizers and agricultural products will be highlighted.

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  • Port of Ghent sees seaborne cargo traffic increase again

    Port of Ghent’s cargo traffic during first six months and second quarter of 2015

    For the first six months, Ghent port’s cargo traffic is on the same level as in 2014 and 2013. This is owing to the steady increase of its seaborne cargo traffic. The handling of general cargo – mainly steel products – registered a record, Ghent Port Company remarks.

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